Appointment Request


Our office team prides itself on running on time. Please respect the appointment times of other patients by being on time to your child’s appointment. Kindly call the office if you are running late.

Appointments are made via phone call. We do not accept walk in appointments.

Please call us at (781) 272-2210.

Web Portal

We encourage patients/parents to utilize our web portal. Patients can find immunizations and lab results on the portal. Patients can also send messages to the office through the portal, although if it is an urgent problem, a phone call will get a much faster response.

Click Here to go to the web portal.

Physical Exam Appointments

  • For your benefit, you may make your child’s next physical appointment prior to leaving the office during the time of your child’s current appointment.
  • We will call to remind you of your child’s appointment 2-3 days prior to the appointment.

Sick Visit Appointments

If your child is ill and you would like to have them examined by one of the doctors, please call the office and you will be given a same day appointment.

Please bring the patient's health insurance card and copayment to each appointment. For our patients who are ill, we will see them the same day. Please call our office for an appointment. Inform our staff that you are requesting a same day appointment for a patient in our practice. We will do our best to accommodate your schedule. You can help keep the office running on time by calling for an appointment (rather than walking into the office requesting a same day visit) and by arriving on time for your appointment. Please call us if you are going to be late. As a certified patient centered medical home, our goal is to see our patients in our office and avoiding the use of emergency rooms and urgent care clinics. We believe our office will provide the best continuity of care.


Please call our office if you need a referral. We will need the name of the consulting doctor, the NPI number of that doctor, and the date of the appointment with that doctor. Our preferred specialty consultants are often nearby our own office. If a referral to a tertiary specialist is required, we refer to Tufts Medical Center Floating Hospital for Children, which has office sites in Woburn and Chelmsford.

School forms:

If you need your child's immunization record, you can find it on our patient portal. If you need a school form completed, please call us with the fax number of where you would like the form sent and we can fax a form for you. Kindly allow five business days for the form to be faxed.

Click Here to go to the patient portal.

Annual Visits:

Every patient is entitled to an annual check up. We highly suggest you make an appointment for the following year before you leave the office at the end of the annual appointment. We will remind you of the appointment so you won't forget.

Please bring the patient's health insurance card to the appointment.

If an annual appointment is scheduled and it is not possible for you to be at the appointment, please inform us ahead of the time of the appointment and we can reschedule the appointment.

We start answering the phones at 8 am for same day sick appointments.
First appointment is 8:45.

If you have an urgent problem for which you need to speak with a doctor after the office is closed, our only after hours phone number is 781 272 2210. You will be prompted on how to reach our answering service. The on call physician from our office will call you back.

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Sunday mornings urgent visits only. Please page the on call doctor.