Covid19 at Home

Living with a COVID-19 Positive Person

Home is often thought of as a refuge; but COVID-19, unfortunately, is changing that for some families. When a family member tests positive for COVID-19, the entire household is at high risk. In fact, the leading cause of COVID-19 spread is transmission among cohabitants.

So how can you protect yourself best?

Read this advice from Tufts Medical Center Infection Preventionist Shira Doron, MD.

Everyone Wants to Know: When can I get the vaccine?

Wellforce leaders continue to stay in close contact with State Government officials as they move forward with their phased vaccine rollout plan. Patients at all Wellforce hospitals received a note of reassurance this week from their local hospital. The email and portal messages let patients know that we will reach out to them as soon as it is their turn. See the patient message here.

Vaccine Voices

Each week we are featuring staff members who have received the vaccine. Hear in their own words why they chose to be vaccinated and what they say to others who are considering it. This week we have:

Stephanie Chan, a board-certified music therapist with Merrimack Valley Hospice, offers her thoughts in Mandarin and English.

Jenny Ruan, MD, Tufts Medical Center OB/GYN, shares her experience in Cantonese and Englishand also speaks about pregnancy and the vaccine in Cantonese and English.

Physician-Focused COVID-19 Webinars

Community-based and/or private practice physicians are encouraged to attend our webinars this month for the latest news about vaccine availability and administration, as well as how to successfully navigate the COVID-19 surge.

Review the Presentation and Recording of the January 13th session.

Attend the Wednesday, 1/27, 5:30-6:30 pm session. Click here to access the GoToMeeting.

Stories of Resilience

Dr. Eric Silverman, Pulmonary Critical Care Physician and Chair of the New England Quality Care Alliance (NEQCA) Board of Trustees, recently volunteered his time to care for COVID-19 patients in Tufts MC ICUs. Read about his experience and plans to assist other Wellforce hospitals.

Vaccine Resources in Multiple Languages

Visit Wellforce’s vaccine webpage at to review the resources available to you. You will find an in-depth Q&A document, videos and a shorter FAQ translated into multiple languages. Feel free to share the information with your staff, colleagues, friends and family.

Schedule a Vaccine Expert

If you or your colleagues have questions about the vaccine, our experts are here to help. Ask your manager or vice president to arrange a visit from our Infectious Diseases specialists and other clinicians.

Messages of Gratitude

"2020 was a year like no other. The number of distractions, worry and new things to rapidly learn have challenged all of us, but none as much as our care teams. When my father was receiving treatment at Tufts MC, I was truly humbled by the genuine caring for my family and our unique circumstances, when it was obvious to me how many other priorities members of the care team were balancing on the other side of the door. Physicians, nurses, CCTs, pharmacists, environmental service staff – all took time to guide us, laugh with us, cry with us, and simply cared to be part of our experience. Those moments of connection and kindness become a lifeline for families. I never doubted my father was seen, heard, and exceptionally cared for – it continues to give me peace and gratitude."

- Becky Deusser, MS, MBA, Wellforce VP of Administration and External Affairs

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